Character modeling supervisor at Blur Studios

Sze Jones
Interviewed by cgchannel, I really liked the questions and how it works for character models at one of my fav. Blur Studios..

What are the main areas for artists to focus on to sell an appealing character?

Scans of actors are often done for cinematics but are there specific areas that need to be faked ?

What traditional skills or classes have you focused on in the past several years to enable you to grow as an artist?

How do you personally tackle how far to take it when it comes to realism, stylized, or a mix?

How do poses and animations affect the viewers interpretation of the model?

Looking back did you ever plan on leading a team and dealing with all the technical issues and pipeline management you are responsible for?
What effect has it had on you as an artist?

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why I drew this beast..

coz I am angry..though now this open mouth looks more like a yawn..heh

A day for Oil Painting

One awesome holiday which I spent learning oil painting..

almost finished: