Whoops! been a long time since my last post :-l
I guess the blog was awaiting the next obvious update!
And here it is:
Being a Calvin fanatic, I realized who better than me to make Calvin in 3D :)

A new thing I added in my workflow while making Calvin in Maya is that when we dont have image planes for our model/character, we should go to photoshop and paintover WIP of our model before completing it. When we do a paintover we can easily see the proportions and pre-visualize them before finishing up with our model and then tweak it. For e.g. when i was working on Calvin's head, after creating a base/primary surface I took it to photoshop and painted over ear and hair just to make sure all the proportion are correct before even modeling it in 3D viewport!
I hope the next post comes soon with Hobbes and Calvins facials!!! ;)

Last but not the least...
Hobbes: What if the public doesn't like your work?
Calvin: They are not supposed to like it. This is avant-garde stuff! I'm criticizing the low brows who can't appreciate great art like this!
Calvin and Hobbes