Update on Character Design:

Quick Bio: Character design is based on Walrus (found in Antartica region).
His name : Mr.Wills a.k.a. Walrus...Hez a marine biologist and is mutated in a project gone wrong. Hez silly, doesnt know nething abt robbery as in hw to do it...Oh did i tell u hez gona be a bank robberer for his living nw.Abt his clothes- wearin a skin tight shirt and tight gallace pants.His robbery would depend on his gadgets...Funny part can be that his gadgets ll just nt work and thru his luck & silly mistakes robbery ll be success!..Abt his appearance- Face- Walrus, with black eye mask; Body- fat, bulgy, short legs. He plans to do robbery in a vry stealthy manner.Char. is cute, funny silly cz hez stuck in a situation.