my fav. paintings from chitrasanthe :


and they had a photobooth with Mahatma gandhi too, not sure if it was relevant for an art exhibition?


Android Jones Indian Digital Art Tour

Waiting for venues to be declared at their respective cities. This is gonna be great! No VISA required for Indians to see android jones perform live! What a treat :) Posting here to advertise for this awesome workshop! 

girls who code
Great one!  Ms. Saujani here is my attempt to post your initiative on my blog to reach out helping you on getting qualified teachers for entrepreneurship, robotics or designing.

But it's about more than teaching girls to code and introducing them to a possible career in technology. Ms. Saujani says the movement has a broader mandate: to change cultural perceptions of technology as a career. "Girls tell me they want to be forensic scientists, maybe because they saw CSI," she says. "Engineering and technology needs that. We need to make coding cool." There's also another problem she needs to solve, that of finding qualified teachers that can actually lead classes on robotics, entrepreneurship or website design.

acrylic portrait

attempted a relief work with clay on hardboard was trying ancient figurative style of indian art through it.

Mural WIP

taken from a ref of a broken android face for mural to be done  for college. WIP on hardboard with clay and acrylics. size - 10*14

loads more painting to be done on it. WIP of two days work. Going to ignore the current colours on the board right now lots to be done :)

Acrylic portrait

live drawing portraits